Wki Productions started as an independent film company in the bay area in 2000, producting two films: Circle of Hope and Silk Samurai, both of which were women empowerment martial arts actions films.

Now Wki Productions is back in full force and has started working once again with Hollywood actor and legend Mr. James Hong.

Our latest projects included WKI Productions at Salt Lake City Comic Con and our Women Kickin It Demo Team and WKI Productions models at the Sacramento Comic Con with Mr. and Mrs James Hong.

Soon we will be putting together acting workshops in Northern California that will be taught by Mr. Hong.


WKI Productions Films





James Hong and WKI Productions

Celebrity Photos

 James Hong, James Pax, Peter Kwong, Tony Nunez and Amber Nunez

Tony Nunez & David LoPan

 James Hong and Tony Nunez

James Hong & Tony Nunez

 James Hong, Tony, Amber

Lacey, James Hong & Amber Nunez

Tony, James Hong & Amber

Tony Nunez, Hulk Hogan & Amber Nunez

 Tony, Val Kilmer & Amber

 Tony Nunez & Henry Winkler


Henry Winkler and Amber Nunez

Kevin Smith and Tony Nunez

 Robert Englund, James Hong, Tony and Amber Nunez

Peter Criss & Tony Nunez

James Hong, Peewee Herman & Tony Nunez

Tony, Eliza Taylor & Amber

James Hong and Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen, Tony Nunez and Amber Nunez

Eric Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Tony and Amber Nunez

Ernie Hudson and James Hong

Tony Nunez, Ernie Hudson & Amber Nunez


Tony Nunez, Ron Pearlman & Amber Nunez

Rusty Coones, Tony and Amber Nunez

James Hong, Michael Biehn and Tony Nunez

Tony, Jon Heder and Amber

Tony Nunez, Rae Dawn Chong & Amber Nunez

James Hong and Chris Hemsworth

Tony Nunez, Chris Hemsworth & Amber Nunez

Tony Nunez, Manu Bennett & Amber Nunez

Stephen Amell and James Hong

Tony Nunez, Stephen Amell & Amber Nunez

Tony, Kate Beckinsale & Amber

Tony, Casper Van Dien & Amber Nunez

 William Forsythe, Tony and Amber Nunez

Tony Nunez, Vernon Wells & Amber Nunez

 James Hong, Peter Kwong & James Pax

Stan Lee and Dwayne Johnson @ 2017 Stan Lee Con

Chris Hemsworth, Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno @ 2014 Sac Wizard World


James Hong and Danny Glover

Tony Nunez, Danny Glover & Amber Nunez

Mr Hong and Norman Reedus

James Hong and Chloe Bennet

Jennifer Rubin and Tony Nunez

Jennifer Rubin and Amber Nunez

Danielle Harris, Tony Nunez and Amber Nunez

Tony Nunez, Lou Ferrigno & Amber Nunez


William Shatner & Tony Nunez


Derek Mears and Tony Nunez


Derek Mears and Amber Nunez

Kevin Sorbo, James Hong and Ernie Hudson

Kevin Sorbo and Tony Nunez

Amber Nunez and Kevin Sorbo

Tony, Alicia, Michael Rosenbaumn and Amber

Meg Wilbur and Amber Nunez

Meg Wilbur and Tony Nunez

Tony Nunez and Gia Nova


Amber Nunez and Gia Nova

Cary Elwes, James Hong and Alan Tudyk

Tony, Cary, James, Alan and Amber


Tony Nunez & Steven Geoffreys

Tony Nunez, Jason David Frank & Amber Nunez

James Hong & Sam Witwer

Sally and Sam

Mr Hong and Norman Reedus

Eugene Clark


Eugene Clark and Tony

BADMJSHI and the Blue Power Ranger

 Tony, Edward and Amber

BADMJSHI and the Red Power Ranger

Tony Nunez, Casey Wong and Thomasina Kulp


Amber Nunez, Joe Moe & Tony Nunez

Thomasina Kulp, James Pax and Gina Luiz

Jon Bernthal and Kim Herberle

Noel G with Lacey Bird













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