WKI Magazine Entertainment Article #34

Jeff Ace Walker

WKI Magazine Interview with

Jeff 'Ace' Walker

Famous Soul Train Dancer

WKI MAGAZINE: Were you a Soul Train dancer?


WKI MAGAZINE: When did you start dancing on Soul Train?


WKI MAGAZINE: How long were you on the show?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: 1988-91 and 2001 when Shaemar Moore was host.

WKI MAGAZINE:What style of clothing did you wear?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER:Baggie pants, cumber bun, white tux shirt, black bow tie and black patten leather shoes with wing tips.

WKI MAGAZINE: Any other styles?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: Yes, I was a Morris Day fan and started wearing style like suits and Miami Vice summer fits.

WKI MAGAZINE: How did you get on Soul Train?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: As the Rose Man from San Jose and the Bay, I expanded my business to Hollywood night clubs and concert scenes, while up and down Sunset selling roses from shop to shop, I landed on the corner of Sunset and Gower and looked down the street and saw a crowd of people in the center of the block where Paramount Pictures side entrance was. When I got there I asked what was going on in there. They told me they were waiting to get picked to go in and be a Soul Train dancer, so I decided to try my luck. I stood there with roses and finally got picked by Eric the coordinator to be a dancer.

WKI MAGAZINE: Did you have to audition to be a dancer?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: No, I guess I was picked at face value.I don't know why, because normal policy is to go around to different clubs and find dancers. I just got lucky.

WKI MAGAZINE: Where did you start dancing at?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: I first started dancing on the main floor, then I was placed on the two side platforms and then the high rise.

WKI MAGAZINE: Did you come down the Soul Train line?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: Yes, I did.

WKI MAGAZINE:Did you have a signature move that we may recall from watching the show?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER: Yes, one of my signature moves was coming down the line locking and dancing, then I did a three sixty jump in the air and a split and pulling myself up by the collar then hitting a back hand spring. That was one of many.

WKI MAGAZINE: What are your most memorable moments from being on the show?

JEFF 'ACE' WALKER:a. One is when a female and I were picked to do the scrabble board and Don doing the interview. I was asked my name and said, "Jeff Ace Walker" now the viewers could associate with me being a dancer.
b. The other moment was meeting NWA Easy E and his crew in the late 80's.
c. Last but not least, meeting Shemar Moore in 2001, when he was the temporary host for Don Cornilius. He is one of the nicest cats in the industry.









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