WKI Magazine Entertainment Article #33

Nick Payne

WKI Magazine Interview


Nick Payne

Former Soul Train Dancer / Actor

WKI MAGAZINE: What made you want to get into acting?

NICK PAYNE: As a kid growing up in the 70's/80's i dreamed about being an actor when i grew up.

WKI MAGAZINE: When did you start acting?

NICK PAYNE: I started acting in mid 2016 with my first project which was the film Jason Bourne which I played a police officer, then my second one in 2017 was the film Kickboxer Retaliation with Mike Tyson.

WKI MAGAZINE: How did you get on Soul Train?

NICK PAYNE: My best friend was a dancer on the show, so he took me to the studio where they were taping and i was chosen by the dance coordinator to be a dancer for the show after another friend suggested that he give me a shot.

WKI MAGAZINE: How long were you on Soul Train?

NICK PAYNE: I danced on there for 2 year's in the mid 90's: 1993/1994

WKI MAGAZINE: What kind of dancing styles do you know?

NICK PAYNE: I dance hip-hop/salsa

WKI MAGAZINE: What movies have you worked on?

NICK PAYNE: Jason Bourne/Kickboxer Retaliation/All Eyez On Me

WKI MAGAZINE: Tell us about your company?

NICK PAYNE: My company is called Sumthin Nyce Entertainment/Footwear: it is an up and coming talent agency here in Las Vegas NV plus i have designed my own shoes for both men and women.

WKI MAGAZINE: What are your plans for the future?

NICK PAYNE: My plans for the future is to be able to have a office space for my company so that talent can be able to walk into my office and sign up to find work as an actor/model/singer/dancer etc.